Welcome to de Milo, a company specialising in art and music.

Our aim is to help the artists that we represent to realise their work's full potential. In our specialist fields of music and art we have a vast wealth of professional, educational, social and personal experience, which we draw upon to meet our clients’ needs in a creative and cost effective manner. This can be anything from development work at a local level to self-released projects at a national level to co-ordinated worldwide releases for global artists. We aren’t exclusive about who work with, we just have to believe in you and your work.

On the music side, our clients include the world renowned rock band Muse. Widely regarded as one of the UK’s best and most important bands, as well as one of the country’s biggest musical exports, Muse recently released their 7th studio album, DRONES. On the art side we look after StormStudios. Since the death of Storm Thorgerson in April 2013 StormStudios continues to ‘create impossible images that engage the eye, confuse the mind and resonate with the music’. We have worked on many of StormStudios’ bigger exhibitions both here in the UK and abroad and are proud to be a co-publisher for two of their most recent hardback books as well as many of their fine art prints. You can purchase these from our SHOP.

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