Sat 09 Apr 2011

Musicians often refer to infectious rhythms as being In the Groove. if the rhythm or beat is catchy, bodily, spontaneously encouraging movement and dancing, and grabs you insistently and keeps you there it is said to be 'in the groove' so I says to my mate Dan Abbott, the lost child of Northants all of the above, whose temporary title is In the Groove and he returned 2 drawings pronto, one with curved trench or groove down which large round wooden balls could travel and another one featuring a dead straight, black vinyl lined trench over which hung a vinyl pyramid floating ominously in the sky representing the needle to play the vinyl. This rhythm thing is more relevant/central to electro pop or techno music if not the very substrate, than to many other kinds of music... Goose (a 4 piece from Belgium) found it resonant and selected it from our roughs with little hesitation. We commandeered a trench, clothed it in vinyl boards shot the pyramid on location and comped together, all real just not all real at the same time.