Euro Tour Diary – Days 2 & 3

Mon 27 Feb 2012

Amster, good, god, damn was our last show on Saturday night just gone and yesterday we drove from the Netherlands all the way to fricking Copenhagen. It was only a short drive of 10 hours, oh wait, did I say short? Fuck me, it was a long drive which involved Game of Thrones, tortilla chips and Zelda. But anyway, the show in Amsterdam was a facemelter and it was nice to see so many people out for the gig. We found a whiskey cafe after the show and dipped our wicks good and proper then took on a family of kebabs. Picture is of the Amsterdam show from Saturday taken by Niels Vinck.

Yesterday was down as a day off in our tour calendar but i’d call it more of a family all-day drive. But at least we got here not too late yesterday and got a chance to have a beer  and chillax. Right now we have just arrived at Vega which is the venue in Copenhagen we are playing tonight. Its bloody amazing, looks like a 1940′s school dinner hall inside. Its been very lightly snowing which has now turned into rain and is pretty bleak looking outside. Bloody well lovely having Turbowolf along for the ride out here and of course we do miss The Computers now.
Tomorrow we leave Copenhagen at a grim 7am :( for Berlin. We’ll have some videos for the tour diary soon en’all!
Till tomorrow people.