Euro Tour Diary – Day 4

Tue 28 Feb 2012

Last night Copenhagen blew our tiny little minds away. The crowd were like some sort of group of young pissed up bull fighters. Must of been a set of 30 guys at the front who had been fed red bull on a drip all day long. Totally blew up. Amazing first headline show over there, but sadly some total goon stole Robs tuner pedal off stage. Not cool in the slightest. But hey, fucking radical show and everyone was lovely.

Today we spent 8 hours in the van and on a ferry crossing the Baltic sea to get to Germany for a show in Berlin at The Magnet Club. We played here with Future of the Left many moons ago, but when we arrived we discovered the venue has now moved from its original location. This photo is me stood next to do the Berlin Wall which is literally across the road. Pretty fucking cool to see that.

Should be going for a few drinks tonight to see the night life hopefully. We’ll let you know what happened tomorrow ;)